Four Reasons

Entertainment Weekly and the The Guardian UK may say it, but Coldplay are not the biggest band in the world and they won't be the next U2, at least not yet. At this point in time and having not heard X&Y;, here's why I think Coldplay aren't worthy of the "Next U2" moniker. Maybe this will change when I hear the new album, maybe not.

1. No Personality - Besides Chris Martin, who knows or cares about the other guys in Coldplay. Mick had Keith, Paul had John. Chris Martin has uh, uh, Johnny Buckland? As individuals, Coldplay are dull. If it wasn't for Gwyneth Paltrow, would the general public know who Chris Martin is? Doubtful.

2. No Edge - No, I don't mean the U2 guitarist. In my opinion, Coldplay's music is seriously lacking in incisiveness. There's no threat or muscle to their sound. It's pretty, quite catchy, but too often it just safely floats by.

3. No Growth - Three albums in and how much progression has there been in the Coldplay sound? The lack of experimentations doesn't promise a long run. Consider that Radiohead's (the last "next U2" band) third album was OK Computer, a dramatic leap from Pablo Honey and The Bends. Like I said, I haven't heard X&Y; in full yet, but I found "Speed of Sound" and "Talk" to be more of the same old Coldplay.

4. No Great Live Show - Chris Martin may be fun to watch bang on a piano and jump around like a rabbit on speed, but otherwise Coldplay are just OK live. I've seen them three times, including their MSG show, and while I enjoyed myself, they weren't that memorable. If they hope to consistently fill arenas and stadiums, Coldplay will need to put some more effort into their live show.

It's possible, perhaps even highly likely that I'm very wrong and Coldplay really are the next "biggest band in the world." I just wish the title would go to a band that is doing something innovative and exciting rather than just writing some pop tunes that go well with montages on The O.C.